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The University of Michigan

Watch to see how Midwest Packaging Solutions has helped the University of Michigan meet their packaging needs.

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Marco’s Pizza Distribution

“They didn’t treat us like just another company-it’s like we’re working together.”  See how Marco’s Pizza Distribution can count on Midwest Packaging Solutions!

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Blink Marketing Logistics

“Every week we know our orders are on-time and accurate.  Midwest helped us save a ton of money, which let us share those savings with our clients.”


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The Advantages of Water Activated Tape

The Advantages of Water Activated Tape by Dan Kalka, Project Manager What is up with WAT?   WAT, a.k.a, “water activated tape,” is a powerful adhesive that bonds to both newly made and recycled fiber surfaces. In packaging, WAT was previously the standard taping method for decades until polyethylene tape (pressure sensitive tape) arrived as an affordable and convenient alternative. That all dramatically changed a few years ago when WAT returned to the market with some new and innovative advantages,

Reduce Packaging Costs and Save Warehouse Space with One Easy Swap

As with any business seeking to improve and streamline their processes, reducing costs is one of the top items to review. But the cost of packaging materials seems to be often overlooked by a lot of companies. The most common issue we’ve found in warehouses is that a lot of them are using materials or processes that may have served them well in the past, but are no longer the most cost-effective or efficient option for their

Quick Guide: Strapping Tool Maintenance

Rules for Tools: Strapping Tool Maintenance and Repair Proper maintenance of all packaging equipment and tools is crucial to maximizing your uptime and keeping your costs low. With the right maintenance strategy and support from our experts at Midwest Packaging, you can drastically reduce unplanned downtime, keep your costs low, lengthen the service life of your tools, and ultimately maximize your profits. It’s a win-win-win-win for your business. If you’re like us, battery-powered strapping tools are probably


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