It is widely acknowledged that a case sealed with water-activated tape has the most secure closure. Due to changes in the corrugate industry, the need for a bond that will stick to high-recycled content corrugate to provide a more secure closure created a demand for an automated water-activated case sealer. IPG’s innovation and commitment to being the market leader in water-activated carton sealing tape led to a solution.

IPG developed a water-activated case sealer that addresses all the previous unfulfilled needs of the market: high throughput speeds, low maintenance and low cost.

Now, closing cartons with water-activated tape can be faster and easier than ever before. IPG’s RSA Series Case Sealers are perfect for sealing various size cases on the same machine, and automatically adjust for each size Regular Slotted Container (RSC) processed.


  • Twin 1⁄3 HP gear motors process heavy cases for 24/7 operation
  • Featuring patented water delivery technology to activate adhesive

       • Flexible side belts compensate for minor variations in case width

• Pneumatic indexing gate assures proper spacing of the cases during processing

• Powered tape unwind for high output line speeds • HMI diagnostics for easy trouble shooting

  • Easy loading top and bottom tape roll
  • Simplicity of the tape head assemblies makes it easy to thread the tape roll
  • Easy tape head access for routine maintenance
  • Double wipe down provides an extra secure seal
  • Adjustable tape leg lengths
  • Large up to 4,500’ tape rolls for fewer roll changes

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