Protect your products from scratches and dents. Our surface protection options can protect it from all types of situations as it goes from your facility to the consumer.

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pregis interleaving surface

A mix of protective films laminated to a bubble or foam backing for extra padding.


  • Microfoam Polypropylene Foam – High coefficient of friction for surface protection against shifting and vibration. This product is excellent for high gloss surfaces.

  • Specialty Products – Specialized, custom solutions for your unique packaging needs.

Surface Protection

pregis surface protection

Film and paper solutiions designed to adhere or wrap around many types of surfaces and shapes.


  • Temporary Protection Films – Protect parts and surfaces from scratches and debris. Thes films are designed to stick to almost any surface, from glossy to textured, and removes cleanly when no longer needed.

  • Cohesive Materials – Cohesive materials add simple pressure by hand or automation is all that is needed to create a quick wrapping or complete encapsulation of a product.

Edge Protection

pregis edge protection

Engineered foam that can be fabricated into many shapes and sizesto protect almost any corner or edge.


  • ProFlex Profiles – From edge and corner protection to cylindrical pipes, this product can conform around it and keep it safe.

Edge Foam

pregis foam edge protection

L or U shaped foam channels that protect and cushion product edges and keep the surface from scratching.