What you need, when you need it—automatically!

How it Works

A Midwest Packaging Solutions representative will perform a weekly inventory count at your location and release product based upon established minimum and maximum levels.

The product release is submitted to Midwest inside account managers who will generate a pick order for the products using the customer blanket PO number for reference.

Available inventory is verified and the customer order is confirmed.

The order is delivered to the customer on specified day and can be re-stocked by Midwest personnel into the customer stocking locations.

Customer Benefits

Improved Supply Chain Efficiency

By knowing when your inventory is low, we can better prepare for replenishment and improve lead times.

Reduced Uncertainty

We replenish stock based on knowledge of your inventory, so you can reduce or eliminate stock outs.

Increased Storage Space

We’re able to solve many storage issues by not stocking undesired inventories.

Purchasing Department Cost Savings

We collect data instead of purchase orders so you can spend less time calculating, correcting, and reconciling.

Lower Inventories

We’ll help you save on warehouse space and resources by reducing your safety stock.

We’re Standing By…

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