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Our Story

Lou Galambos joined Midwest Paper Specialties in 1970 when he was hired as an industrial sales rep. In this position Lou became a very successful salesman and built a long lasting career with Midwest that stretched over more than 30 years.

In 2005, Lou was informed that there was intent to sell the business, which brought about many questions regarding his career as well as the quality people he had worked alongside for many years. What would happen to them? Who would buy the company? These and other questions concerned Lou as he waited to hear more information about this possible sale.

These uncertainties started Lou thinking about the possibility of buying the business himself and, if he was able to do so, make sure that peoples’ jobs were secure. It was very important to Lou to continue to build a lasting legacy as it was not only his life and labor invested at Midwest, but also his son, Lou Galambos II’s, as well. For nearly 15 years Lou II had been working and developing his career in his fathers foot steps. Lou continued the discussions with the current owner and after careful consideration he was able to purchase Midwest in 2007.

It was a new day for Midwest in January 2007. New owners, a renewed sense of passion to serve our customers & employees, and the hopes of taking Midwest to the next level filled every conversation. Little did anyone know that the Great Recession was looming large around the corner, which brought about many changes including leading Lou to buy out his junior partner and re-tool the company to face the changing landscape that was ahead.

With a proven track record in the industry and a keen sense of what customers needed, Lou’s leadership and direction proved to be spot on. The following years have been a time of refocusing and rebuilding in which Midwest has seen continuous growth and innovation in the services and solutions we provide to our customers. The continuous improvements in the company continue to this day, providing growth and opportunity within Midwest and expanding services that enhance the quality product offerings we are able to provide to our customers.

Midwest Packaging Solutions is a family-owned, professionally operated business. Our first priority is our service to the people we interact with, including both our customers and our employees. Our philosophy is simple: Well cared for employees take really good care of our customers. This has served to create a wonderful culture at Midwest where people look forward to coming to work and being a part of a great team.

In February 2023, FlexPAC acquired Midwest Packaging Solutions.

FlexPAC is a well-established distributor of industrial packaging with expertise in custom package design, end-of-line automation, and facility solutions. This acquisition brings new products to FlexPAC’s already vast and diverse offering. Both companies utilize EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) to run the business, which puts the right people in the right seats, enhances productivity, and allows the company to solve issues before they become problems. “Successful acquisitions start with strong cultural alignment. In this case, the core values that govern both companies are amazingly similar from a cultural and customer perspective,” says Mark Dinwiddie, CEO of FlexPAC.

FlexPAC, founded in 1985, currently operates warehouses in Indianapolis, IN, Elkhart, IN, Cincinnati, OH and now Toledo, OH. Midwest Packaging Solutions, founded in 1968, has a proud tradition of solving complex packaging challenges using highly engineered solutions. FlexPAC will continue to utilize Midwest’s 75,653 sq. ft. warehouse located in the heart of Toledo. The converting focus of Midwest pairs well with the custom design capabilities of FlexPAC. “The synergies of product, processes, values, and staff will significantly enhance our opportunities to serve our customers,” says Blaine Dinwiddie, President of FlexPAC.

The Midwest Packaging Solutions acquisition enhances FlexPAC’s ability to support its manufacturers, food processors, and distribution/3PL clients throughout the Midwest and beyond. “Our proven process of driving unnecessary costs out of our customer’s operation is very much in alignment with the way Midwest Packaging Solutions goes to market,” says Eric Toth, Executive VP of Sales.

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