Midwest provides a wide range of plastic and steel strapping equipment to meet your business’ individual needs. These products are designed with quality and efficiency in mind, and they can be used for a wide array of applications on all scales. Whether you need small scale plastic strapping equipment for small-business inventorying or heavy-duty steel strapping for industrial applications, we provide you with the systems, materials, and tools you need, all at competitive pricing and prompt delivery.

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Plastic Strapping

Plastic Strapping is actually a range of products made from some form of plastic or polymer, utilizing two different manufacturing processes to form a strong “band”, which is used in a broad range of packaging and bundling applications. Up front expenditures in tooling and machinery will increase tension capability, consistency, and joint efficiency, while reducing costs of closures, waste and labor.

Polypropylene Strapping

plastic strapping


  • Used in various packaging and bundling operations

  • Can be applied by hand (without tools), with hand tools, both powered and manual, and with automatic machines

  • Common industries for polypropylene are publishing, meat, seafood, agricultural products and general warehousing and packaging

High Performance Polyester Strapping

high performance polyester strapping toledo


  • Engineered to provide you with a consistent, high quality product for your toughest strapping applications

  • Combines the strength of steel strapping with the safety and economy of plastic to maximize performance

  • Provides a more secure load at a lower cost than many alternatives

  • Split resistant

  • It’s high tension capability allows it to be applied tight. Once it’s on your load, it stays tight … 50% tighter than nylon and up to five times tighter than polypropylene

  • Stretches under tension. However, most of the elongation is recovered after the initial application. The result is a strap that stays tight even when loads are shrinking and settling during transit.

  • Easy to recycle and impervious to weather conditions

Polyester Cord Strapping

polyester cord strapping


  • Manufactured from polyester fibers, yielding one of the strongest non-metallic strapping materials available

  • Can be applied with hand tools, using buckles or seals, or it can be tied

Steel Strapping

Steel strapping conforms to ASTM specification #D3953-12. Our steel strapping is consistent in width, gauge, and finish. Break strengths are average and meet, or exceed industry standards.

Regular Duty Steel Strapping

steel strapping


  • Manufactured from cold rolled steel

  • Can be used in manual and pneumatic tools, as well as automatic steel strapping heads.

High Tensile Steel Strapping

steel strapping


  • Manufactured from cold rolled steel and heat treated to maximize break strength and ductility

  • High tensile steel provides additional break strength and shock resistance for your toughest applications.

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