Introduction to Midwest

Hand-Wrapping v.s. Stretch Wrapping

Water Activated Tape

Space-Saving Fill Options


ISO Certification

Customer Profile: University of Michigan

Customer Profile: Marco’s Pizza Distribution

Customer Profile: Blink Marketing Logistics

Squid Ink Co-Pilot 128 Printing System

Squid Ink Streamline 5 CIJ Printing System

Combi Sanitary Ergopack

Combi Ambidextrous Case Erector

Combi RCE Robotic Random Case Erector

Combi TF 40G High Speed Tray Former

Combi 2-EZ® IL 16 Inline Case Erector

Combi EZ Pal Robotic Palletizer

Combi 2-EZ® HS Case Erector 30 CPM

Combi Sanitary Ergopack® with Partitions

Combi Bulk Fill System (Coffee) 

Combi Meat & Poultry Industry Packaging

Combi End of Line Robot Capabilities

Combi Sanitary Ergopack® Hand Packing Station

Combi Ergobot Robotic Case Packer

PAC Pallet Pac Plus 502