Interpack’s RSA Series Case Sealers are operator-fed machines that automatically adjust for each size case processed. When your production produces different sized cases to be processed though a single case sealer, an Interpack random case sealer is your answer. The RSA 2024-SB’s side belt drive is ideally suited to process narrow cases. Also, a random top squeezer option is available to compress the top major flaps before sealing to provide the best possible closure on overstuffed cases. Every Interpack™ Case Sealer comes with an ET 2Plus tape head with adaptive technology to provide optimal tape application and wipe down to each of the three taped panels of the case.

When you compare features, benefits and value, Interpack Case Sealers are the right choice for operators, plant engineers, maintenance and purchasing.


  • Heavy duty construction will process up to 85 lb. cases
  • Side belt drive to process narrow cases
  • Digital pneumatics retain the upper head location after processing to improve throughput speeds
  • Indexing gate to properly position the case for processing
  • 2 modes of operation – top & bottom random sealing and
  • Unique “Clear” push button to clear jams and replace bottom tape roll
  • Twin 1⁄3 HP motors for 24/7 operation
  • Dual column for maximum processing stability
  • Selectable floating upper head processes mild overfills
  • Offset tape heads process cases as low as 2” tall

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