Midwest Packaging Solutions is now offering lidding films and tabletop sealers that can handle most modest volumes with ease and consume less space.  Contact us for more information or to get a quote!


This low cost machine offers a fast and effective solution for sealing heat sensitive film to a wide variety of containers, for a tamper-evident, stay-fresh seal. Included with the machine is one set of three seal plates.


  • Offset Film Roll Prevents Undesirable Heating of Film While Trays are Not Being Sealed
  • Optional Standby Mode Offers Environmentally Friendly Reduction of Energy Costs and Extension of Silicone Roller Life
  • State of the Art Digital Heat Controller
  • Extra Heavy-Duty 5” Machine Base and 1/2” Aluminum Seal Pocket Construction


  • Large Variety of Seal Plates Available
  • Custom Seal Plate Sizes Available
  • Seals Containers up to 4” in Depth


  • Seals 16 Trays Per Minute or More
  • Optional Standby Mode with Dual Heat Settings Allows 5 to 10 Minute Warm-up. After Shutdown Periods During Work Shift
  • Hinged Heater Guards on Both Sides for Easy and Safe Daily Cleaning of Silicone Roller
  • Quick Seal Plate Change Over
  • Swing-Out Arm for Fast Change of Film Rolls
  • Heavy Duty Seal Pockets Do Not Require Adjustment of Underside Support Brackets on All Trays (these are often needed with light-duty pockets supplied in some competitor models)


  • Ergonomic Swing-Out Film Roll Arm Prevents Possible Back Strain That May Occur During Change of Heavy Film Rolls
  • Simplified Change-Out System for Replacing Worn Silicone Rollers


Automatic Shuttle, Interchangeable Die Cutting Heat Seal Machine This low cost machine offers a fast and effective solution for sealing heat sensitive film to containers for a tamper evident, stay-fresh seal.


Interchangeable Pockets and Dies

• Custom Pockets and Dies Available

• Choice of Automatic or Manual Seal

• Optional Date Printer • Adjustable Heat Settings & Dwell Time • Registered Print Capability


• Automatic Feed and Seal Feature

• Display Shows Number of Containers Sealed in Cycle

• 5 Minute Warm Up Time • Simple Pocket and Die Change Over

• Seals 10 to 20 Containers Per Minute, Depending on Tray Size and Material


Automatic Shut Off to Prevent Injury


Die Cuts Around Container for an Attractive Look

• Consistent, Leak-Proof Seals

• Film Tensioner Provides a Wrinkle-Free Seal

• Low Maintenance

• Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel Construction 12 Month Warranty on Parts

• Digital Controls with Microcomputer Program

Multiple Lidding film options are available including:

· All purpose lidding

· High heat, peel-able CPET lidding Film

· High barrier, heavy seal layer

· Lock-up seal for PP

· High yield, high Barrier, anti-fog

· Pouches

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