P328, P329, & P331 Battery Powered Strapping Tools

Fromm P328, P329 and P331 High-Performance Battery Operated Strapping Tools are utilizing the latest in strapping technology. These tools cover a wide range of strapping widths from (12mm) to (32mm). Tension levels range from 56 to 1575 lbs. to cover a broad spectrum of applications. These tools are field ready for polypropylene and polyester strapping and will consistently deliver superior performance and reliability for your strapping needs.


The Fromm pneumatic seal-less plastic strapping tool is the universal strapping tool for PET and PP strapping. The characteristics of Polyester strapping make it an excellent replacement for steel strapping in many applications. The outstanding elongation of polyester strapping offers a high shock absorption capacity during transportation and its ability to retain tension assures your product arrives just as it left your facility. The P357 and P358 cover a wide range of strap widths from 12mm to 19mm and thicknesses from .016” to .053” with a seal efficiency of over 75% and the ability to pull up to 900 lbs these tools with cover the most demanding applications.

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