Water-activated tape (gummed paper tape, gum tape, kraft paper tape) bonds instantly to both virgin and recycled fiber surfaces and therefore, generates an immediate destructive bond resulting in a tamper evident package.  Midwest offers a wide range of both fiberglass reinforced and plain paper with many styles available in standard prints or customized prints to display your corporate message. They all have one common feature: uncompromising quality.


  • Secure bonding to corrugated cartons, even dusty or dirty environments. One strip produces a sturdy seal!

  • All-Weather-Use. WAT is not affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures.

  • Protective. A carton sealed with WAT can’t be opened without leaving a broken seal.

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Water Activated Paper Tape

Seal lightweight or standard sized packages or cartons that will be shipped in unitized loads or full pallets.


  • Light, medium and heavy duty options.

  • Recycled Green Core option.

Water Activated Reinforced Tape

Sealing overstuffed cartons, recycled cartons, non-unitized cartons, and heavyweight cartons.


  • Light, medium and heavy duty options.

  • Box Maker’s Tape option.

Water Activated Printed and Tamper Evident Tape

Enhances product offerings to end-user. Separates their product from the competition.


  • Red Alert Tamper Evident Tape

  • Printed Stop tape

  • Custom Printed-Use / Your Logo

Not sure which water activated tape or equipment is best? Our team can help you find the most efficient type of WAT for your operation.

Our expert equipment specialists are available to do free inspections and make recommendations.

We have a variety of Water Activated Tape Equipment Available

Manual Water Activated Tape Machines

IPG BP TapeShooter 404 WAT Dispenser

BP TapeShooter 404 WAT Dispenser

Sleek in design, small in footprint, the Better Pack® TapeShooter 404 is a lever-operated manual water-activated tape dispenser that offers simple sealing for specialty applications.The TapeShooter 404 uses 35 lb. gum-side out non-reinforced water-activated tape.

IPG BP333 Plus water activated tape Dispenser

BP333 Plus WAT Dispenser

The Better Pack 333 Plus is a manual water-activated tape dispenser that is rugged, reliable and simple to use. This dispenser is perfect for light-to medium-volume packaging areas and accommodates both reinforced or non-reinforced water-activated tape. It is available as a non-electrical unit and also with an optional top heater accessory (electricity required), when increased tape adhesion is needed.

Electric Water Activated Tape Machines

ipg bp555es water activated tape dispenser

BP555eS WAT Dispenser

The Better Pack 555eS is our most popular electric water-activated tape dispenser made for fast-paced shipping and packaging environments. It is ideal for packing and sealing more than 100 cartons per day/per 8hr shift. The BP555eS is UL-listed, CE and CSA certified and RoHS compliant.