Case Packing  |  32 oz. Spray Bottles

Challenge: This chemical company wanted to increase productivity of their disinfectant spray bottles, but floor space was limited.

Solution: The Combi drop packer with case erector is an ultra-compact solution for packing the widest range of rigid containers. This exclusive design integrates a case erector and case packer into the smallest footprint in the industry for reliable case packing productivity.

Learn About the DP Drop Packer w/ Case Erector

Case Sealing  |  High Speed and Fully Random

Challenge: Several packaging lines with varying case sizes created congestion in the line, causing a halt in production.

Solution: Combi’s TBS-100R fully random case sealer streamlines production and automatically adjusts to case sizes at speeds up to 20 CPM.

Learn About the TBS 100R Random Case Sealer

Case Packing  |  Speeds up to 180 PPM

Challenge: This pharmaceutical company required a case packing solution that could keep up with increased production speeds upstream.

Solution: Combi’s team of experienced Engineers program each pick and place case packer with customer-specific pack patterns. Watch as the Combi Alphapack® simultaneously squares and packs cases in a compact packing station, while bottles are packed by rows of three.

Learn About the Alphapack Case Packing System

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