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Our strategic partnerships with automotive manufacturers set us apart from the competition. Not only are we ISO 9001 certified, but we have packaging specialists dedicated to the automotive industry.
  • Fixed, long term pricing available with stocking agreements

  • Quality, in-stock items

  • Weekly, on-time delivery in full

  • Shorter lead times

  • On-time PPAPs

  • Cost saving solutions with redesign and reengineering

  • Rebates or price reductions

  • Quick RFQ turnaround

Automotive Product/Service Offerings

  • Die cut components

  • Dual lock

  • Dunnage (standard and custom returnable and reusable)

  • Class A Surface Protection

  • Converted items

  • Poly bags and specialty films

Customer Success Stories

Contract Manufacturer | MI

Study: Advantages of using water activated tape (WAT) vs. standard carton sealing tape for packaging cartons
  • Using WAT reduced amount of tape used per carton by 8%.
  • Company experienced a 20% increase in productivity.
  • ROI: 11 months – which enabled the cost savings to effect the bottom line in less than a year.

Automotive OEM | MI

Study: Customer had been purchasing thousands of converted bump on products that we die cut into rounds for a production application. During a quality review, our engineer considered the effect of changing the shape from round to hexagonal.
  • Change resulted in a 28% reduction in cost
  • Increased efficiency
  • Decreased material waste.

Down Gauging + Recycled Material

Study: Poly dust covers are used for part protection while moving the components through the supply chain. By downgauging the poly thickness and incorporating recycled resin, substantial bottom line cost savings can be realized.
  • With advancements in the poly resin industry, we can reduce the thickness of poly without reducing strength. Resin is the main contributor of cost.
  • Adding recycled resin material to poly bags can reduce the cost by over 10%. Recycled poly may acquire a slightly cloudy appearance.

Labor shortage or looking to reduce cost?

We have a variety of equipment and automation solutions available, as well as contract packaging options.

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