Partnering with Kan Du Production

Not only helps improve the efficiency of your business operations: it also helps people with developmental disabilities build their vocational skills. Trained staff work alongside individuals to help them utilize their abilities to accomplish their goals and your jobs. The partnerships created between area businesses and Kan Du are life changing, a win for everyone!


• Reduce your production line stress by having us do the jobs that bog your lines down.

• Reduce recruiting, hiring, and training costs through outsourcing.

• Reduce overtime as a result of less time for your staff to complete jobs.

• Increase your edge over the competition with our cost effective production solutions.

We Can Do

  • Light assembly

  • Packaging

  • Process mailings

  • Collating & Sorting

  • Taping & Gluing

  • Commercial Shredding

  • Residential Shredding

  • And much more!

We’re Standing By…

We’re committed to making sure you always have the upper hand in each challenge your business faces. Let us know how we can help.


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