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Your food product has already gone through all the FDA requirements and you've perfected the end product, from the product itself to the packaging that contains it. Your last step in the process is to get it to the end-user, damage-free, safe and secure. That's where we come in. Our team is dedicated to finding the right solutions for your business. From packaging to packaging equipment, we can help you improve efficiency, safety, and protection as the product moves from your facility to it's final destination.
  • Fixed, long term pricing available with stocking agreements

  • Quality, in-stock items

  • Weekly, on-time delivery in full

  • Shorter lead times

  • On-time PPAPs

  • Cost saving solutions with redesign and reengineering

  • Quick RFQ turnaround

  • Downgauging

  • Equipment service


Our partnership with Combi ensures that you are receiving the right automation solution for your facility. From basic lines to fully custom solutions, there is a system that will work for you.We can provide end-of-line machines for bakery,dairy,snack,meat and frozen foods companies.We offer automatic or semi-automatic case sealers, case erectors, case packers and hand packing systems. In addition to Combi equipment, we also offer basic and custom stretch wrapping machines.

Labor shortage or looking to reduce cost or boost efficiency?

We have a variety of equipment and automation solutions available.

Food Industry Packaging Solutions

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