As with any business seeking to improve and streamline their processes, reducing costs is one of the top items to review. But the cost of packaging materials seems to be often overlooked by a lot of companies. The most common issue we’ve found in warehouses is that a lot of them are using materials or processes that may have served them well in the past, but are no longer the most cost-effective or efficient option for their current needs.

While there are many different ways to cut costs in your warehouse, there is one quick and easy solution that can save you thousands of dollars a month alone: air pillow machines.

Our faithful bubble wrap has served us well for decades, but air pillows have been effectively vying to become the new standard in packaging materials. While a ton of companies have been using these machines for years, some are still hesitant because they think it’s too expensive. The initial investment in these machines should be seen as just that—an investment. You’ll quickly begin to see not only the savings, but the many added benefits these machines can bring to your warehouse and company as a whole.

Here are just a few ways switching to an air pillow inflatable cushioning system can save you money:

They take up less space in your warehouse.

If your warehouse is like most, every foot of space counts. Air pillow systems are tiny when you compare them to the vast mountain range of bubble wrap you more than likely have stashed in your warehouse. We’re talking about 1 cubic foot of space for a jumbo roll of inflatable system film compared to up to 500 cubic feet of void fill it would take to match the same amount of protection. These machines also give you an on-demand cushioning system, so there’s no need for extra space or new storage solutions and you can use the extra space for your storing your products.

They can reduce your cost per package.

It is much more cost-effective to use less of a more expensive air pillow than it is to use twice as much bubble wrap. Air pillows are also extremely lightweight and add practically zero weight to your shipment, which saves on freight costs.

You’ll waste less.

Each roll is perforated between each pillow so you can customize them to fit the size of your package without wasting materials. Bubble wrap can also leak air if any of the cells are compromised. This happens when frequently within companies who have long shipping and storage cycles and have bubble that’s been sitting in stock for a long time. Once the cells are leaking, the bubble wrap becomes unusable.

You’ll save on damages.

Unlike bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or paper fillers, air pillows ensure the product is unable to move within its box with less material used. With an inflatable system, you’ll be producing consistent packaging every time, so each package will be just as secure as the next, saving you time, hassle, and money.

Of course, we’re not telling you to ditch your bubble wrap altogether. It’s still a practical material for certain items. But if you aren’t adding an (air pillow machine) to your warehouse mix, you’re wasting time, money, and the ever so valuable space. It’s never a bad time to make a change that could improve your bottom line and customer satisfaction.

If you’re interested in making a move to air pillows for protective packaging, give us a call at (800) 704-5123 or contact us here and one of our packaging specialists will be happy to go over options, potential cost saving calculations and more!

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