Welcome to the Team, Casey!

2022-04-20T15:51:19+00:00April 20th, 2022|

Help us welcome Casey Kozak to the Midwest Packaging Solutions team!  After retiring from the United States Navy, where he served as a rescue swimmer for twenty years, Casey joined Midwest to pursue a new career in sales. Casey was born and raised in Toledo, and has a fifteen year old son and daughter (twins) and a seventeen year old son.  In his free time, Casey enjoys running, swimming, movies and spending time with his family.   For the first month, Casey will be working in the warehouse to learn more about the vast selection of products that Midwest carries, then will move into his new sales role as a Business Development Manager.

Welcome to the Team, Jessica!

2022-04-08T17:00:46+00:00March 25th, 2022|

Help us welcome Jessica Hubbell to the Midwest Packaging Solutions team!  After working at First Solar, Jessica is excited to fill her role as our new account coordinator with over fifteen years of experience in the manufacturing industry.  Jessica is married with two children and loves to do crafts, hot yoga and attend country concerts in her free time.    

Welcome to the Team, Tiffany!

2022-04-07T20:56:32+00:00March 25th, 2022|

Help us welcome Tiffany Alexander to the Midwest Packaging Solutions team!  After working in the restaurant industry for the past ten years, Tiffany is excited to fill her role as our new account coordinator.  Tiffany currently lives in Sylvania, Ohio with her ten year old daughter and two dogs.  She is also engaged with plans to get married this Summer and enjoys family time, being outdoors and going to the lake/campground in the Summer time.

Congratulations Sierra!

2022-01-17T20:59:39+00:00January 5th, 2022|

Congratulations to Sierra Ghamlouche on her new promotion and for being named Employee of the Year for 2021! Sierra has been promoted to work with Automotive and our Automation/Equipment division.  Sierra has a stellar reputation with our customers due to her quick responsiveness and industry knowledge.  She has been one of the top performers at Midwest securing one of our top awards for the company – Employee of the Year 2021.          

Reduce Packaging Costs and Save Warehouse Space with One Easy Swap

2019-10-16T17:27:07+00:00October 16th, 2019|

As with any business seeking to improve and streamline their processes, reducing costs is one of the top items to review. But the cost of packaging materials seems to be often overlooked by a lot of companies. The most common issue we’ve found in warehouses is that a lot of them are using materials or processes that may have served them well in the past, but are no longer the most cost-effective or efficient option for their current needs. While there are many different ways to cut costs in your warehouse, there is one quick and easy solution that can save you thousands of dollars a month alone: air pillow machines. Our faithful bubble wrap has served us well for decades, but air pillows have been effectively vying to become the new standard in packaging materials. While a ton of companies have been using these machines for years, some are still hesitant because they think it’s too expensive. The initial investment in these machines should be seen as just that—an investment. You’ll quickly begin to see not only the savings, but the many added benefits these machines can bring to your warehouse and company as a whole.

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