The Advantages of Water Activated Tape

What is up with WAT?  

WAT, a.k.a, “water activated tape,” is a powerful adhesive that bonds to both newly made and recycled fiber surfaces.

In packaging, WAT was previously the standard taping method for decades until polyethylene tape (pressure sensitive tape) arrived as an affordable and convenient alternative. That all dramatically changed a few years ago when WAT returned to the market with some new and innovative advantages, noted below.

  • Material Usage -8%: The average amount of tape needed to seal a single carton using WAT was 8% less than using pressure sensitive tape.
  • Productivity +21%: Carton sealing productivity is 21% higher using a water activated tape dispenser, versus a hand-held tape gun with pressure sensitive tape.
  • Tape Integrity:? In each environment tested, (room temperature, cold and tropical), cartons sealed with WAT remained intact, preventing tampering. Cartons sealed with pressure sensitive tape were not as secure and could be easily accessed without revealing any signs of tampering.
  • Adhesion Strength: When WAT is removed from cartons, it also removes 80% of the cartons fibers. Standard pressure sensitive tape can be easily removed from the carton, without evidence.
  • Appearance: ?If you are looking to enhance branding and the customer experience with your packaging, WAT is the best place to start. The clean look of Kraft Paper on the carton can be dramatically improved by printing your logo on WAT.

Now that you have read these numerous advantages, it’s not difficult to understand why suppliers like Amazon and other large shipping departments have switched to WAT.

Depending on your product volume and customer base, WAT may be the best choice for your packaging and shipping needs. As a packaging specialist, I am a big believer in how WAT can enhance your productivity and delivery assurances.

You might say I’ve become “attached” to it.

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