Updates on Lead Times and Pricing

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Dear Valued Customer,  Pricing continues to surge in many product areas, and we expect lead times to continue to be extended  due to the already stressed supply chains and raw material shortages. Due to this, your pricing could be  subject to change at time of order. Your Midwest Packaging Solutions sales representative will be  working with you to answer any questions regarding pricing and lead times, as well as your product  needs. We will continue to monitor these conditions and keep you informed of any changes.  Thank you for your continued business and loyalty.  Sincerely,  Lou Galambos II  President of Sales  Midwest Packaging Solutions

The Advantages of Water Activated Tape

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The Advantages of Water Activated Tape by Dan Kalka, Project Manager What is up with WAT?   WAT, a.k.a, “water activated tape,” is a powerful adhesive that bonds to both newly made and recycled fiber surfaces. In packaging, WAT was previously the standard taping method for decades until polyethylene tape (pressure sensitive tape) arrived as an affordable and convenient alternative. That all dramatically changed a few years ago when WAT returned to the market with some new and innovative advantages, noted below. Material Usage -8%: The average amount of tape needed to seal a single carton using WAT was 8% less than using pressure sensitive tape. Productivity +21%: Carton sealing productivity is 21% higher using a water activated tape dispenser, versus a hand-held tape gun with pressure sensitive tape. Tape Integrity:? In each environment tested, (room temperature, cold and tropical), cartons sealed with WAT remained intact, preventing tampering. Cartons sealed with pressure sensitive tape were not as secure and could be easily accessed without revealing any signs of tampering. Adhesion Strength: When WAT is removed from cartons, it also removes 80% of the cartons fibers. Standard pressure sensitive tape can be easily removed from the carton, without evidence. Appearance: ?If

The Importance of ISO Certification

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The Importance of ISO Certification by Andrea Witter, Process Improvement Manager As the Process Improvement Manager at Midwest, I serve as the company’s main quality representative. One of my responsibilities is to fill out any quality questionnaires/surveys/assessments that our customers send our way. My first step before beginning to fill anything out is to look for that magical phrase that I know will make the task at hand a whole lot easier, “If your Quality Management system is certified by an accredited 3rd party please skip to the end.”  Our ISO certification has saved me from pages and pages of effort. While saving me hours of work is definitely a benefit I appreciate, the true value here is that our customers don’t have to take my word for it when I say we have a well-established quality management system.  They don’t have to assume that our definition of “quality” matches up to their definition of “quality”.  They don’t have to put in the added work of ensuring our system will meet the requirements they have. As happy as I am to not have to fill out those extra questions and produce all the additional documentation, I know our customer is just

New Carton Sealing Machines From IPG

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Midwest Packaging Solutions is proud to carry the full line of Intertape Polymer Group’s Carton Sealing Machines.  IPG is a major integrated provider of both carton sealing tape (packing tape) and carton sealing machines and dispensers. We are committed to providing timely automated system solutions and have a wide variety of standard case sealers for quick delivery. Heavy duty construction, dual column design, oversized gear motors, and low maintenance are the hallmarks of Interpack™ packaging machines. Interpack and Midwest Packaging Solutions can provide a packaging equipment solution for every application and budget. First, evaluate an application to help determine which style of machine is required with an Equipment Audit.   Our knowledgable Equipment Division representatives can evaluate your business and  help you select a carton sealing machine to improve productivity, reduce labor, reduce material usage and improve ergonomics. Midwest Packaging Solutions offers Interpack's full line of Case Sealing Machines including: Interpack’s USA Series (Uniform Semi-Automatic) case sealers are adjustable, operator fed machines that process same-sized RSC (Regular Slotted Carton) style cases. UA series (Uniform Automatic) case sealers are operator-free machines that process same sized cases by folding the top four flaps of RSC style cases and taping both the top and bottom

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